Acai Berries – History


It is little known by people congratulating themselves for discovering the benefits of the Acai berry, but these little chunks of magic have been freely available and a popular way of getting energy and losing weight for some time. In actual fact, those of us who have only recently discovered the effects it has on us might benefit from stopping and thinking that it has been in use in South America for years – centuries, in fact. By comparison, we have been pretty slow to react in the English-speaking world.

The qualities of Acai berries have been known to Amazon tribes since time immemorial. In fact, the berry has had something of a reputation as a miracle cure for a number of ailments, including illnesses of the heart and the immune system. Even in hospitals in Brazil, the by-products of Acai berries have been used in antibiotics used to fight infection.

It is not just used medicinally in Brazil, however. it has more than its share of popularity as an ingredient in healthy recreational drinks, with Brazilian surfing resorts being an ever-popular outlet for the sale of the Acai berry and its juice. It is often used in smoothies which are made, sold and drunk on Brazilian beaches. This popularity is down to its energy-restoring properties which stand trial against any of the more mass-produced energy drinks which have a hefty price tag for what they do – often very little – and can cause their own health problems if they are consumed regularly.

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